WELCOME to CARRANZAFAX.  CARRANZAFAX is a faxing utility for Linux based systems.  The cost for CARRANZAFAX is presently $20.  Payments are accepted through PayPal.  The link for payment is given below this paragraph.  Fill out all the forms and include your email address.  Once I receive payment, I will send you a tarred copy of the program.  The tar file is only about 150Kb.  Feel free to check out the screenshots.  Furthermore, background, installation, and usage information is also provided in the other sections of this page.  Demonstration software is included as well.



Demonstration Software


To try out the software, please download the free DEMO.  The DEMO version is written to demonstrate the fax sending capabilities of the CARRANZAFAX only.  To operate the DEMO, please following the below given instructions:




CARRANZAFAX is a Linux based program that makes faxing quick and easy.  CARRANZAFAX is completely written in C programming language and utilizes the GTK libraries for C.  CARRANZAFAX is a front end program.  In other words, CARRANZAFAX provides the GUI for EFAX, a binary faxing utility.  EFAX is executed via command line and can be quite cumbersome to use.  For this reason, CARRANZAFAX is developed - to serve as an easy to use GUI for a command line program, EFAX.  EFAX is normally included in all major distributions of Linux.  More information about EFAX is provided through the manual pages:  "man fax" or "man efax".





Fax File Preparation


As was mentioned earlier, CARRANZAFAX is a front end GUI to another program, EFAX.  EFAX requires that all files to be foxed are in Post Script format.  Thus, all files  faxed must be converted to Post Script first before using CARRANZAFAX.  This can be done in any program of your choice:  Open Office, Star Office, K Office, Gimp, etc.  Once this is done, then launch CARRANZAFAX and the program will guide you through the file selection.  At this time a cover sheet must be prepared separately from the document to be faxed.  Therefore, two Post Script files must be created, one for the cover sheet and one for the document. 





Sending A Fax



Receiving A Fax



Important Issues



Contact Information

Bug fixes, comments, and recommendations are very welcome.  Please send me an EMAIL


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